Navigation services, which were conceived to satisfy the daily needs of end users and are based on the current GPS (Global Positioning System), are widely spread. New challenging utilisations are being made possible, due to the recent launch of the first two operational European Galileo satellites.

The positioning of users within terrestrial, maritime and aeronautical applications all over the world is guaranteed by GPS, whereas indoor positioning within airport terminals, railway stations, shopping malls etc. is provided by Wi-Fi infrastructures. A worldwide leader in the indoor positioning domain is Insiteo, a start-up company situated in the Grand Toulouse, France.

Due to the flexibility of the Galileo design and the introduction of new devices called pseudolites, indoor positioning will be improved considerably. Outdoors, users locate themselves via GPS and Galileo, and in a seamless transition they will also be able to position themselves inside buildings. An accuracy of positioning, more precise than one meter, will enable new indoor applications, e.g. find the relevant gate at the airport faster, reduce the high costs induced by “lost” passengers, allow commercial advertisements to reach the “right buyer”, etc.

Goals of the i-GOing Project:  design, develop, and demonstrate such a challenging approach in real world.

Start Date :  January 23th at the seat of the Agency in Brussels.

Final Date: November 2013.


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